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One of our patient's favorite items: the Arnica Pre/Post Care Kit, your comprehensive solution for natural pain relief and skin care. Our Arnica kit is specially curated to harness the power of Arnica, a potent herb known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Whether you're looking to soothe sore muscles, reduce bruising, or promote skin healing, our Arnica Kit has you covered. 

Inside the Arnica Kit, you will find a range of products designed to address your specific needs before your Jenn Ash treatments and accelerate the healing process after your treatments:

-Arnica Gel: a fast-absorbing gel that provides targeted relief for sore muscles and joints. Simply apply a thin layer to the affected area and massage gently for soothing relief, promoting skin healing, and reducing the appearance of bruises and swelling. 

-Arnica tea: the anti-inflammatory properties of Arnica can also be enjoyed in a tea form and may promote a faster recovery after your treatments.

-Jenn Ash Ice Pack: simply put in the freezer and apply to affected area for a cool and soothing effect.

-Arnica tablets: made from high-quality Arnica extract, these tablets help reduce pain and inflammation associated with minor injuries and bruises. These can be used before and after your treatments.

-Arnica Capsules: a more concentrated and effective form of Arnica extract that help reduce pain and inflammation associataed with minor injuries and bruises. These capsules can be useful after your treatments. 

Experience the soothing benefits of Arnica with our carefully curated kit today!

Arnica Pre/Post Care Kit

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